• the preferred asian jurisdiction
    941 companies were incorporated in Labuan IBFC last year and the jurisdiction is now home to 14,201 Labuan companies. 

    Find out more in the latest Labuan FSA’s 2017 Annual Report.
  • Asia Captive Review Awards 2018
    Challenges OF Self-Insurance: Transparency and Digital Disruption
    1 - 2 AUGUST 2018
  • Refreshed asset
    Leasing guidance
    Fresh guidance is now available with regards to the applications, operational and regulatory requirements for all leasing transactions through Labuan IBFC
Latest HighlightS
When Elephants Kill A Mousedeer
18 October 2018
This proverb couldn’t be more evocative against the backdrop of today’s ever-present global trade war. As major economies inflict tariffs upon tariffs on each other, smaller economies feel the aftershock from these actions, especially in their economic growth.
Self-Insurance for Unique Risks
26 September 2018
From their inception half a decade ago, captives have played a key role in helping companies mitigate and contain business risks. But with the rapid and disruptive change in the digital age, captives can play a strategic role in driving Asia’s business growth
NOTIFICATION: Business Restriction on Labuan Licensed Entities
31 July 2018
Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) has imposed business restriction on the following Labuan Licensed Entities pursuant to section 193 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 for non-compliance to minimum capital and/or other regulatory requirements.
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