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    Leasing guidance
    Fresh guidance is now available with regards to the applications, operational and regulatory requirements for all leasing transactions through Labuan IBFC
  • Labuan FSA Annual Report 2016
Latest HighlightS
Global Perspectives from Asia’s “Middle Shore”
07 May 2018
With the relentless global pressure for transparency, substance and fairness, could the middle spot eventually end up being the sweet spot?
Growth Brings Greater Responsibilities and Compliance
16 April 2018
Labuan IBFC has made changes to ensure an uninterrupted history of compliance, commitment to international standards key to the jurisdiction’s and to Malaysia’s reputation.
Building Legacy on a Foundation - Part II
06 March 2018
In this article, Millie Chan, Borden Ladner Gervais' Independent Senior Consultant seeks to contrast the key features of a private foundation with those of a common law trust in this second of the two- part series.
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