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Asian Home Grown Captives: Ready or Not, Here We Come!
11 September 2017
Some would go so far as to say that Asia is not ready for a more robust self-insurance or even captive insurance presence, but how true is this? Farah Jaafar-Crossby shares her thoughts on the recently held Asian Captive Conference 2017.
Attitudes towards Captive Insurance in Asia
16 August 2017
The survey was commissioned by Labuan IBFC and conducted by Captive Review. It is aimed at finding out why the concept captive insurance is still very nascent in Asia, despite the high take-up rates in Europe and the United States.
Labuan IBFC to complement China's Belt and Road Initiative
09 August 2017
The midshore centre can play a pivotal role in the realisation of China's BRI as an alternative funding hub. Labuan IBFC offers funding structures in a business-friendly yet well-regulated environment to global companies, including those in China.
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