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May 2021

Dear Friends of Labuan,

May has been a milestone month for us, with the unveiling of our jurisdictional report card “Market Report 2020”, evidencing the jurisdiction’s resilience during one of the most challenging years we have seen. Growth in the number of licensed intermediaries has been significant, reinforcing Labuan’s reputation as the “go-to” Asian jurisdiction for wholesale financial intermediation and business facilitation. For a link to the full report, please click here.

I would personally like to thank all our intermediaries, partners and stakeholders who have all been instrumental in ensuring Labuan IBFC remains top of mind even during these trying times. Your support has been and continues to be invaluable in the growth of the jurisdiction, Thank You.

Am also happy to share we recently completed our first China-centric webinar in collaboration with Willis Towers Watson Captive Practice China, focused on the benefits of protected cell companies as a cost-efficient alternative to pure single parent captives. Looking forward, we will also be partnering with ZICO Malaysia/Labuan on a series of China focused events, highlighting wealth management and asset protection solutions and our digital offerings.

Lastly, I hope all of you are staying safe especially with the spectre of Covid-19 resurrecting in many countries. For us in Malaysia, we recently entered our 3rd lockdown, to curb the ferocity of the spread. The team and I, are now back to working from home, but with the benefit of technology, all initiatives continue unabated.

So wherever you are, please stay safe and remember the only constant in life in change and in every challenge lies an opportunity!

Stay safe everyone!

Warmest Regards,
Chief Executive Officer, Labuan IBFC Inc.


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