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Wealth Management Webinar Series 3: Shariah Succession Planning for Global Families

In this final series of webinars, the speakers share on the fundamentals of succession planning, issues faced, the Shariah aspect of wealth management, and how Labuan IBFC can accommodate via its available Islamic verticals such as Labuan International Waqf Foundation and Labuan Islamic Trust for the Muslim global families as well as the tax and cost involved. This then followed with a panel session that discusses the importance of considerations and understanding when performing wealth management in relation to Shariah's compliances.

Farah Deba Mohamed Sofian, Chair, STEP Malaysia
Mohd Fariz Mohd Faruk, Executive Director, Deloitte Malaysia
Chan Ee Lin, Director, Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte Malaysia

Farah Jaafar, CEO, Labuan IBFC Inc.

Presentation Slides:
Shariah Succession Planning for Global Families

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