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Wealth Management Webinar Series 1: Wealth Management and Succession Planning in Challenging Times

With the massive inter-generational wealth transfer, estimated at about US$1.9 trillion, expected to take place in Asia over the next two decades, succession planning is a major challenge faced by high-net-worth individuals and families today.

Some key concerns may include the next generation’s ability and commitment to manage family assets, management transition of family businesses and investments, complexities of cross-border wealth management, as well as Shariah-compliant succession planning.

In this first series of webinars, the speaker highlighted the uses of the Labuan foundation that contributes to wealth management where is much associated with family businesses. This is then followed by a panel session that discusses people's views, their understanding, and the implementation in relation to succession planning.

Chan Ee Lin, Director, Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte Malaysia

Sukor Ashak, STEP Malaysia Committee and Managing Director, HMR Konsultan
Chee Pei Pei, Executive Director, Deloitte Malaysia

Farah Jaafar, CEO, Labuan IBFC Inc.

Presentation Slides:
Wealth Management and Succession Planning in Challenging Times

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