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Labuan IBFC: Your Connection to the Global Digital Marketplace

The synergy between the digital ecosystem and international financial centres, is obvious as both thrive on innovation and operate in a borderless, nationalistically agnostic environment. As such, it is not surprising to see how fast digital financial intermediation has grown in Labuan IBFC since licensing its first digital player in 2017.

Labuan IBFC is now home to a thriving digital ecosystem with 85 players including digital banks, cryptocurrency trading platforms, token issuers, e-payment systems, custody providers and insurtech related entities.

With growing recognition the world over, this webinar shares the ins and outs of the digital landscape as well as its approach towards licensing and facilitating digital entities. In addition, as a one-stop wholesale business centre, the speakers also share how start-ups can structure their corporate vehicles in Labuan IBFC, which provides an international base from which to manage a fast-growing multi-jurisdictional start-up.

Henry Chong, Chairman, Labuan Fintech Association and CEO, Fusang
Harpreet Maan, President, ACCESS Malaysia
Wilson Beh, Vice President, FinTech Association of Malaysia

Farah Jaafar, CEO, Labuan IBFC Inc.

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Labuan IBFC: Your Connection to the Global Digital Marketplace

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