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Intermediating Asian Economies: The Legal and Tax Frameworks of Labuan IBFC

Global economies and cross-border businesses are faced with a myriad of challenges and uncertainties as they strive forward amidst a waxing and waning pandemic. In these difficult times, a business-friendly environment is crucial to ensure the continuity of ‘business as usual’.

In this regard, Labuan IBFC stands out as an ideal midshore jurisdiction with its straightforward and attractive tax system that is supported by a robust, modern, and internationally-recognised legal framework.

This webinar shares how we can benefit from Asia’s leading midshore business and financial intermediation centre, Labuan IBFC.

Serene Liaw, Technical Manager, Labuan IBFC Inc.
Lee Bin Hau, Senior Associate, Zaid Ibrahim & Co
Janice Aw, Tax Director, KPMG Malaysia

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