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Asia's Fastest Growing Insurance and Risk Intermediation Centre

Labuan IBFC’s insurance and risk management sector has grown exponentially over the last three decades. Having started as the primary reinsurance market for domestic Malaysia, it is today a global marketplace with foreign business forming 60.9% of underwritten premiums. Home to more than 220 insurance-related licensed entities, the jurisdiction continues to innovate towards meeting the complex demands of the reinsurance ecosystem, made even more acute with the onset of the pandemic.

This webinar helps to better understand Labuan IBFC’s insurance and risk management ecosystem including an overview of its evolution, including insights into its market dynamics, offerings, and latest developments. The panelists also share the practical experiences of operating as Labuan insurance entities within Asia’s largest and deepest pool of industry players.

Roy Sharma, Chairman, Labuan International Insurance Association (LIIA)
Annie Undikai, Managing Director, Brighton International Group
Nick Garrity, CEO, International General Insurance Co. Ltd (IGI) Labuan Branch

Farah Jaafar, CEO, Labuan IBFC Inc.

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