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Notification on Relocation of Labuan FSA Office
Please be informed that starting from June until October 2016, Labuan FSA will be relocated to temporary offices on different floors in Financial Park Complex and some of the departments/units will be based at the Labuan International School.
Please note that the main reception counter will be temporary located to Level 13E, Financial Park Complex effective 23 May 2016. Hence all letters and documents should continue to be delivered to the main reception counter on Level 13E. The telephone general line remains unchanged at (087) 591200.
The relocation process will take place in batches as per schedule below:
Relocation Date Unit/Department Temporary Office Tel. No. Fax No. Effective Date
6-8 May ROC Unit & counter Level 13D, FPL remains unchanged 13th floor: (087) 453 442 9-May
Group Finance Level 13E, FPL
Facilities Management Unit Level 13E, FPL
Legal & AML Dept. Level 15A2, FPL
12-15 May Business Management Dept. (Business Operations & Industry Reporting) Level 13E, FPL 9-May
Group ICT
Group Human Resource & Performance Management
19-22 May Director-General's Office Level 15A2, FPL 15th floor: (087) 451 154 23-May
Deputy Director-General's Office
Strategic Development Dept.
Supervision 2 Labuan International School (087) 597 441 (087) 452 892
FSBP Implementation Unit (087) 597 434
Corp. Communication & External Relations Unit (087) 597 446
Group Internal Audit & Risk Management Dept. (087) 597 342 (087) 421 059
Corporate Communication & External Relations Unit

Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA)
13 May 2016
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