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The Labuan IBFC Financial Services Community Step Up to Fight COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges, distress and uncertainty. Global lockdowns are now the norm to flatten the curve, all these phrases once so alien to us all, now roll off our tongues with a blink of an eye.

Adversity seems to bring about the best in humanity, with compassion, empathy and resourcefulness shining true. And this pandemic has definitely curated an exceptional response the world over.

It has prompted a global movement of solidarity and assistance for those in need, with an outpouring of aid to those who are less fortunate, indeed globally the response to COVID-19 has been nothing short of remarkable.

Closer to home, the recently established Labuan Cross Industry Group (comprising the Labuan Financial Services Authority, Association of Labuan Trust Companies, Labuan International Insurance Association, Association of Labuan Banks, Labuan Investment Bank Group and Labuan Fintech Association) has set up a fund accepting pledges of cash and items for the benefit of frontliners and vulnerable communities in Labuan.

This fund will be used to procure Personal Protection Equipment, Masks, Gloves, Sanitors for the frontliners such as hospital staff, police and army and any -welfare workers assisting with COVID-19 patients. In addition, the fund also aims to help vulnerable communities in Labuan by providing meals during lockdown period, hand sanitisers, beds/equipment for quarantine centres, etc.

In fact, the funds raised has been used to procure a testing machine for the local hospital in order to ensure a more efficient COVID-19 testing abilities, as previously all tests were sent to Kota Kinabalu Hospital, delaying the identification of infections, allowing further spreading of this vicious virus.

The Corporate Communication and External Relations unit as well as other staff members from Labuan FSA have volunteered to coordinate relief assistance to those in need via a close collaboration with the Labuan Hospital, Labuan Cooperation and heads of communities in order to ensure the aid reaches those in desperate need.

To-date, close to RM700,000 has been raised thanks to the generous contributions of the Labuan financial services and intermediation community. To see how you too, as a member of the Labuan family can assist, please visit
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