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Standard Operating Procedure Guidance on Entering Labuan FSA’s Premise
07 July 2020

Labuan FSA wishes to inform that a brief perception survey has been created and we would like to invite Labuan entities to participate in this survey.
05 June 2020

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the impact to the global and regional markets, Labuan FSA understands the challenges faced by reporting institutions (RIs) including in effecting their AML/CFT systems and controls during this challenging times.
21 May 2020

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Labuan Entities (LEs) should continue to undertake necessary measures to ensure that their operations remain safe and sound.
24 April 2020

Labuan FSA fully understands that Labuan entities and the industry at large are facing unprecedented challenges due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. To alleviate some of the regulatory burden and to offer entities some level of flexibility, the Authority issued a circular dated 9 April 2020 on Temporary Regulatory Reliefs.
09 April 2020

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