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Labuan Structures
The growth of Labuan IBFC is fuelled by its effective regulatory and supervisory regime, which ensures the stability of the jurisdiction’s financial system. The continual review of Labuan IBFC’s laws and regular revision of its guidelines ensure that the industry remains competitive and relevant at all times.

Labuan IBFC’s comprehensive legal framework, which was updated in 2010, provides for a wide range of legal entities such as companies limited by shares or by guarantee, foundations, special purpose trusts, protected cell companies, captives, limited liability partnerships and private trust companies.
Labuan Companies
Company formation makes up one of the most important areas of business in Labuan IBFC. Aside from offering generous tax incentives, Labuan IBFC’s strategic location in Asia Pacific and its close proximity to regional financial centres enables businesses to tap into the many investment opportunities in the region.
Labuan companies can carry out either trading or non-trading activities in, from, or through Labuan IBFC.
Protected Cell Companies
Protected cell companies can be an alternative solution to standard corporate structures.
As one of the innovative business structures on offer in Labuan IBFC, protected cell companies may also be structured to further enhance the insurance and mutual funds industries, particularly in providing cover for uninsurable risks and plenty of flexibility in managing risk portfolios. They can also be used as an efficient tax planning tool, besides serving as an effective asset protection tool and wealth management vehicle.
Labuan IBFC offers a range of tax benefits and a conducive regulatory environment that facilitates the formation of partnerships. The jurisdiction’s favourable geographical position in Asia Pacific promotes the likelihood of cross-country cooperation and connects investors to other emerging economies in the region.
There are two types of partnerships in Labuan IBFC, namely limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships.
  • Labuan Limited Partnership – Limited partnerships in Labuan IBFC enjoy the many business opportunities and commercial prospects offered in the jurisdiction. 
  • Labuan Limited Liability Partnership – A limited liability partnership is an alternative business structure that combines the features of a limited liability entity with those of a partnership.
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