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Labuan IBFC is strategically located in the centre of Asia Pacific, which serves as a gateway to capture the streams of business opportunities emerging from the growing economies in the region.
Labuan service providers and intermediaries such as trust companies and managed trust companies play an important role in facilitating investors of geographical diversity to incorporate or register their establishments in Labuan IBFC.

These entities are highly capable in offering professional services ranging from trusteeships, secretarial and administrative services to business structure and solutions. At the same time, these entities have also continually enhance themselves to stay ahead of the curve by offering cost-effective solutions, processes, and facilities within an operating environment that demands high integrity standards and levels of professionalism.

Trust Companies and Ancillary Services
A trust company is defined as a company registered under the Labuan Companies Act 1990 (LCA) and licensed to carry on a trust company business under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (LFSSA).

It is a requirement under the LCA that a Labuan company must employ the services of a trust company that will act as the agent for incorporating or registering companies under the LCA. It also provides the registered office and resident secretary, and performs the secretarial duties of the Labuan Company, such as lodgement of any documents required under the LCA. The trust company may also provide management and accounting services to the Labuan Company and make available any of its trust officers for appointment as resident director and resident secretary.

With regards to physical presence, a trust company shall establish a functional office in Labuan and have at least two approved trust officers, one of whom is domiciled in Labuan. The trust officers are employees of the trust company who have been approved by Labuan FSA as trust officers.

Other activities that a trust company may carry out include being a trustee, agent, executor or administrator pursuant to the objectives of the trust company.
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