The Midshore International Business and Financial Centre in Asia Pacific
Functions of Labuan FSA
Labuan FSA has been entrusted with the following functions:
  1. To administer, enforce, carry out and give effect to the provisions of the following laws: 
    • Labuan Companies Act 1990
    • Labuan Business Activity Tax Act 1990
    • Labuan Trusts Act 1996
    • Labuan Financial Services Authority Act 1996
    • Labuan Foundations Act 2010
    • Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010
    • Labuan Islamic Financial Services and Securities Act 2010
    • Labuan Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2010
    • Any other laws relating to business and financial services in Labuan 
  2. To exercise, discharge and perform such powers, duties and functions in accordance with the laws;
  3. To maintain the good reputation of Labuan IBFC as an international business and financial centre;
  4. To carry out research and commission studies on financial services in Labuan IBFC;
  5. To make recommendations for the creation and improvement of facilities to enhance the attraction of Labuan IBFC as a centre for financial services;
  6. To collaborate with financial institutions and industry associations in Labuan IBFC to promote and provide financial services to foster high standards for Labuan IBFC's financial services;
  7. To advise and make recommendations to the government on matters relating to financial services in Labuan IBFC; and
  8. To carry out all such activities and to do all such things as necessary or advantageous and proper for the administration of the Authority, or for such other purposes as may be directed by the Minister.
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