The Midshore International Business and Financial Centre in Asia Pacific
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Labuan IBFC Incorporated Sdn Bhd (Labuan IBFC Inc) works closely with the industry to support and promote Labuan IBFC’s unique position in Asia Pacific as the leading midshore jurisdiction in the region.
Labuan IBFC Inc has a dedicated business development team, which acts as a convenient first point of contact for those looking to explore Labuan IBFC’s broad range of business and wealth management structures, in both the conventional and Islamic space. Furthermore, it boasts a strong panel of specialists, comprising well-known leaders and industry experts in their respective fields, who are also readily available to assist with queries regarding the jurisdiction.

Labuan IBFC Inc also organises and occasionally collaborates with key business players to host an impressive array of events throughout the year, ranging from landmark wealth management seminars to industry-relevant masterclasses. Held at various locations both at home and abroad, these events are aimed at promoting Labuan IBFC’s diverse financial products and services, reinforcing its position as the leading midshore jurisdiction in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Business Partners

As part of Labuan IBFC’s drive to uphold its reputation as a leading mid shore jurisdiction with operational substance, Labuan IBFC Inc regularly collaborates with a number of institutions across various industries to further develop its business and financial services.

Labuan IBFC Inc also works closely with a host of intermediaries from various industries, all of which are readily available to provide the necessary services to facilitate and support the jurisdiction’s growth.

These include, among others, industry associations such as :
Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia and the Malaysian Financial Planning Council; educational institutions like the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance; legal service providers such as ZICOlaw; insurance entities including The Archipelago Group; and trust companies.
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